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Closing Search

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Lawlink offers Ireland's only online bonded conveyance search. This innovative service will enhance the workflow of any Irish Conveyance practice.

For a fixed fee you can order:

  • Judgment Searches
  • Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency (ISI) Searches
  • Company Printout
  • Folio
  • Registry of Deeds Searches for up to 4 names, from as far back as 1970
  • One Dublin City Council Planning Search

The fixed fee is per case and results can be downloaded instantly.

The following searches can also be ordered online as part of your Lawlink Closing Search, and will be charged at our competitive rates.

  • Registry of Deeds searches additional to those included in the set fee
  • Planning Searches
  • Sheriff Searches
  • Petition to Wind Up Searches